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Caduceus Connect

Interoperability consulting and services for hospitals laboratories insurance companies

The Caduceus Connect family of services addresses the interoperability needs of organizations such as hospitals, laboratories and insurance companies.

Interoperability consulting

Consulting, implementation and outsourcing of interoperability of clinical systems. Clinical interoperability is essential; managing it well brings many advantages.

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Migration to Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect is a mature and reliable application. Reduce costs by migrating to Mirth Connect from Ensemble, Rhapsody, BizTalk or WebSphere.

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Healthcare Integration Bus

Reduce costs and errors in your center by interoperability of healthcare systems with our Mirth Connect-based Healthcare Integration Bus.

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Caduceus Integra

Systems integration for eHealth telemedicine platforms telemedicine monitoring systems devices diabetes

Caduceus Integra solves the need for integration of healthcare systems. We take care of all issues related to your eHealth systems integration.

Health Systems Integration

Reduce costs by delegating HL7 integration of healthcare systems. Our technology and experience make us the ideal partner for your integration needs.

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Integration with the Spanish regional EHRs

We help you to manage and achieve the integration with the Electronic Health Record of the different Spanish regions in a simple and effective way.

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Integration with HIS

Integrate your healthcare solution with your customer's systems seamlessly and effortlessly. We help you in all phases of integration from analysis to implementation.

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Caduceus Plus

Other value-added services that help improve the quality and performance of your centre.

caduceusadminIntegration with the Spanish regional EHRs