Caduceus Connect

The Caduceus Connect family of services addresses the interoperability needs of healthcare provider organizations such as hospitals, laboratories and insurance companies. We work together with our customers to analyze their interoperability situation and provide them with the best solution tailored to their needs.

Do you want your systems to be interoperable?

Our interoperability services

Interoperability consulting

Consulting, implementation and outsourcing of interoperability of clinical systems. Clinical interoperability is essential; managing it well brings many advantages.

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Migration to Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect is a mature and reliable application. Reduce costs by migrating to Mirth Connect from Ensemble, Rhapsody, BizTalk or WebSphere.

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Healthcare Integration Bus

Reduce costs and errors in your center by interoperability of healthcare systems with our Mirth Connect-based Healthcare Integration Bus.

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What do we contribute to your project?

We seek excellence and customer satisfaction in all our projects, contributing our experience, knowledge and technology.

  • Results

    Solutions for your interoperability needs that meet the objectives in a simple, reliable and easy to maintain and evolve way.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Our interoperability solutions grow with the requirements of the project and allow to modify and evolve the system without interrupting its operation.

  • Training

    We train your organization’s personnel in the use and maintenance of the technologies and solutions implemented. Practical training oriented to the needs of the project.

  • Speed and commitment

    Our experience and technical capacity allow us to complete projects reliably and to meet deadlines and budgets.

  • No license costs

    Our solutions have no licensing costs and are based on Mirth Connect, a free, open source tool.

  • Assistance and support

    Multiple options and support levels. In addition, our team of professionals is involved and support you in all phases of the process: from preliminary consulting to support and maintenance.

We help you manage clinical information

Interoperability is important

Interoperability and the use of standards are critical to the smooth running of any health care organization such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

Interoperability allows different systems to exchange and use information. In addition, in order to be truly integrated with other health information systems, this information exchanged must be supported by health standards such as HL7, CDA or FHIR.

At Caduceus we design, implement and maintain interoperability systems for our customers. We help them to improve their processes, reduce incidents and have control over the interoperability of their systems.

How can we help you?

We offer reliable, scalable and easy to maintain interoperability solutions. This allows parts of the environment to be grown and replaced without affecting the performance of the rest of the system. For example: changing your LIS provider or adding a new customer.

Our team of professionals accompanies you and is involved in all phases of the process, from the preliminary consulting to the support once the turnkey solution is implemented. Our solutions are license free and are based on the Mirth Connect specialized integration engine for health interoperability.

We train your organization’s staff to acquire the skills needed to use and maintain the interoperability solution.

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