Health Systems Integration

We solve system integration

Reduce costes delegando la integración de sistemas en Caduceus Software
Contamos con la tecnología y la experiencia que tu proyecto necesita

  • Don't worry

    Focus on the core of your business and leave integration in our hands.

  • Reduce costs and lead times

    Podemos garantizar integraciones en producción en un espacio corto de tiempo y a un coste asequible gracias a nuestra tecnología modular basada en Mirth Connect y a la experiencia de nuestro equipo.

  • Greater value for your clients

    A fast, agile and affordable integration, together with our experience, becomes more added value for your customers.

Do you need to exchange clinical information with other systems?


Save costs by delegating the integration of your devices to our team

  • Reliability

    Our 6 years of experience and CAduceu Integration Engine technology allow us to manage and process daily XXXX HL7 messages daily at a rate of less than XX%. Our clients are our best references, ask us.

  • Automated monitoring

    All our integrations include a monitoring, reporting and maintenance service. We make sure that your integration continues to work.

  • Adaptability

    We adapt our integration engine to the interfaces of your systems and those of the hospital or health counseling. Neither you nor the hospitals will have to modify your data model or communication protocols. If your system does not have an HL7 interface, we integrate it as well.

  • Spped

    Thanks to our modular technology and the experience of our team we can guarantee integration in production in a short period of time.

Success stories of health systems integration

Our experience is the best guarantee to ensure the success of your projects

Health Systems Integration