Healthcare integration bus

Simplify and reduce the cost of maintaining your systems through a service-oriented interoperability architecture.


We implement the integration bus and provide the means for the center to manage it on its own with the continuous support of Caduceus.

  • Garantía y soporte primer año

    One year warranty and support included during the first year after the production of the Healthcare Integration Bus.

  • Training

    Our team will provide you with training, methodology, documentation and support so that the center can manage its own Interoperability Technical Office independently.

  • Monitoring

    A complete monitoring panel allows to efficiently manage alerts, allowing an early detection of incidents in the integrated systems.

  • No license costs

    Basado en Mirth Connect, una tecnología open source sin costes de licencia y con toda la fiabilidad de una tecnología con miles de instalaciones en hospitales de todo el mundo.

  • Turnkey solution

    Our team will implement the bus in your center with continuous support throughout the start-up process: analysis, installation, testing and connection of the systems.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture

    Reduce costs and avoid future problems by using a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)-based healthcare integration bus to integrate all systems in your centers.

Thinking about implementing an integration bus?

Other technical features

The Caduceus Healthcare Integration Bus is a complete solution that includes best practices and technologies to ensure the successful operation of your center.

  • Web services

    Systems communications with the integration bus are made via web services, using the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model.

  • Confirmed synchronous communication

    Communications between the vendor systems and the integration bus are synchronous and validated by sending ACK or NACK.

  • HL7 Messaging

    The system implements HL7 v2. x in its XML version as standard for web services messaging. Enables XDS and XSLT validation.

  • Asynchronous error reporting

    The integration bus provides asynchronous notifications of communication errors, application technical errors and application functional errors.

  • Messaging validation

    Our bus guarantees that all messages that travel through the bus have been validated against the XSLTs and XSDs that have been configured.

  • Mirth Connect

    The bus includes a monitoring panel for proper alert management, allowing early detection of integration-related problems.

Healthcare Integration Bus