Caduceus Integra

Caduceus Integra services solve the need for systems integration in healthcare environments. We handle all issues related to the systems integration with any application, HIS or public health service regardless of the type of clinical information.

Need to integrate your system?

Our integration services

Health Systems Integration

Reduce costs by delegating HL7 integration of healthcare systems. Our technology and experience make us the ideal partner for your integration needs.

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Integration with the Spanish regional EHRs

We help you to manage and achieve the integration with the Electronic Health Record of the different Spanish regions in a simple and effective way.

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Integration with HIS

Integrate your healthcare solution with your customer's systems seamlessly and effortlessly. We help you in all phases of integration from analysis to implementation.

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What do we contribute to your project?

We seek excellence and customer satisfaction in all our projects, contributing our experience, knowledge and technology.

  • Cost reduction

    System integration can consume a lot of resources. Our experience, technology and tools allow us to reduce the cost of achieving successful and effective integration.

  • Focus on your core business

    We take care of all aspects of integration so that you can focus entirely on your service or product.

  • Greater value for your clients

    Fast, agile and economical integration becomes a great added value for your clients and a great sales pitch.

  • Shorter deadlines

    The qualification of our team, our integration expertise and our tools allow us to reduce implementation times without compromising reliability or results.

  • Technology and standards

    We help you to integrate in complex environments and with any type of technology and clinical standard such as <abbr title="Health Level Seven">HL7</abbr>, <abbr title="Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resoruces">FHIR</abbr>, <abbr title="Clinical Document Architecture">CDA</abbr>, ISO EN13606 or <abbr title="Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise">IHE</abbr> profiles.

  • No license costs

    Our integrations have no licensing costs and are based on <a href="">Mirth Connect</a>, a free, open source tool.

We help you integrate with any system

Systems integration is necessary

System integration is a constant requirement in the healthcare environment and when working with clinical information. Lack of integration causes problems such as fragmentation, inconsistency, duplication and lack of quality of information.

In addition, integration with existing systems and the use of clinical standards, such as HL7, is often a prerequisite for the acquisition of new solutions in hospitals and the public sector. Lack of integration is an entry barrier and limits the market available for eHealth solution providers.

At Caduceus we help our customers to integrate their solutions with any application, HIS or public health system. We ensure that integration is never a difficulty but an added value for your customers.

How can we help you?

We approach integration in a complete way by developing an integration layer that includes everything required to achieve integration without affecting the system that needs to be integrated. So, future integrations can benefit from this integration layer and each new integration adds value to your project.

The integration layer will provide your system with the information it requires regardless of its source. All other systems will also receive the information they require without you having to modify anything. This way, you only have to take care of the management of your system and you can forget about the integration.

Our integration projects have no licensing costs and are based on the specialized healthcare integration engine Mirth Connect.

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