Interoperability consulting

La interoperabilidad es la habilidad de dos o más sistemas para intercambiar información y utilizar la información intercambiada. Esta habilidad es crítica en en hospitales, laboratorios y aseguradoras. Alcanzar una interoperabilidad clínica efectiva en las organizaciones de salud no es fácil.
En Caduceus Software somos expertos y podemos ayudarte a mejorar la interoperabilidad de tu organización tanto internamente como con otras organizaciones.

Want to improve the interoperability of your organization?

How we can help you

  • Results

    A leaner interoperability infrastructure, with fewer errors and easier to maintain and evolve are some of the advantages of our solution over others.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Modifying and adding systems, vendors and clients is easy with a modular and scalable interoperability structure. This allows you to make changes and grow without affecting the performance of other systems.

  • Assistance and support

    Caduceus assists you in all phases of the process, from pre-consulting to support after production in the way that best suits your model.

  • Security and reliability

    At Caduceus we understand that interoperability is critical. Our solution provides the security and reliability that your communications need.

  • Speed

    In a critical system, rapid deployment, execution and migration is key. With our experience, you can have a new interoperability infrastructure in little time, reliably and securely on schedule.

  • No license costs

    Our interoperability solution does not entail any associated license costs. Reduce costs with a better result.

Interoperability consulting